July Favorites - Planners, Pens & Yummy Treats!

This summer has been going so. fast. I feel like I can't keep up! It's almost time for me to head back to school! I'm excited and feeling ready because I'm officially half way through my degree!

July flew by but really came with some new favorite products and treats! I was really lucky to get to try out so many new things! Here are some of my absolute favorite things that I tried out this month! 

1. Starbucks Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuchino

I'm not really one to get coffees really ever, but I have fallen in love with this drink! It tastes just like a peppermint patty! I love cold drinks and this was really perfect for the summer. I think that it was a sort of limited edition drink, but when I asked recently, they were able to recreate the drink for me. I also grabbed a tiny cake that they had in the case and it was delicious too!

2. Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb

The Lush Intergalactic Bath Bomb was the first bath bomb that I've gotten to try from Lush and it was so incredible. It is filled with so many fun colors and cosmetic glitter, and also had a light peppermint scent. It was a little too expensive for me to indulge in regularly ($7.95), but it was a really nice treat to get to try out. I really can't wait to get to try out more bath bombs from them in the future!

3. Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette

It's no secret at all that I am in love with just about anything that Urban Decay puts on the market. I was a little skeptical of the resurrection of the Naked line, but once I got my hands on this palette, I really fell in love. The shadows are really creamy and rich, and the colors are really unique to the other palettes in the line. I love how creative and pretty the looks have been that have come out of this palette so far! It really gives me Morphe 35O palette vibes, but this palette feels a little better than a morphe palette does to me. I'm really looking forward to playing with this more once fall really starts to set in!

4. The Happy Planner by Create360

I am obsessed with planners. I feel really lost without a record of everything I need to do daily, and the happy planner really keeps me together! I love the cute patterns and themes, shiny stickers and tiny sticky pads! I've had a ton of fun decorating all the pages for my fall semester and filling in all my information that I'll need for the fall! 

5. Staedtler TriPlus Fine Liner Pens

These pens go hand in hand with my Happy Planner! I love how smooth they write, instantly dry, and come in a bunch of fun colors! They were a little on the pricey side ($25 at target) but I have really fallen in love with how they write and perform. They make writing in my planner super fun and colorful! 

6. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine in Mint

While the above photo obviously isn't my new machine, it is one of the first projects that I created with it! I added a mermaid monogram onto a little pouch I purchased at Forever 21 on a recent shopping trip with my sister. The cricut makes  making crafts and projects so easy, perfect, and for me, stress free. I have been so busy creating new items for my apartment, personalizing everything I own, and learning new tips and tricks to use with it!

What were your favorite things you discovered this last month? I always want to try out new and interesting products!

Happy Monday!