She's Finally Here - Urban Decay's Naked Heat Palette - Swatches, First Impressions & More!

I wanted to be mad at this launch so bad, but I just couldn't do it. I didn't like the idea of another Naked palette coming into the fold after so many years of the line not having new additions, but then I saw the palette itself. I was sold. 

I received my first Naked palette as a gift when I was in my freshman year of high school from my mother. At the time, my makeup knowledge was pretty low, my interest was moderate, but I wasn't working so I wouldn't have been able to purchase myself a palette if I wanted to. So, when I received it, it was seriously special. I think thats what really started my love affair with Urban Decay to begin with. Once I started working, I completed my family of palettes, buying each new palette as they were released. Urban Decay was largely the only brand that I was interested in at the time, and once I started to venture out a tad, I started to pick up those palettes less and less. This lead to me feeling a bit apprehensive when I saw that they were dropping a new palette in the line. With the older palettes not getting as much love now, would I even like the new one? 

The Heat palette is a warm toned palette different from all the other palettes in the line. There are both matte and shimmer shades, a full size mirror on the top of the palette, as well as a brush. I could honestly do without the brush, but oh well. I can't complain about getting more for my money. 

The packaging on this palette is so much more beautiful than the other palettes in the line. It feels heavy, and has a magnetic closure. I honestly can't get enough of the packaging, and I don't even want to tuck it away in my drawer. While a lot of people may not care about what the packaging looks like, I feel like it really can reflect on the quality of what is inside. Literal perfection. 

The interior of the palette has a shimmery brown plastic for the area surrounding the pans, and comes with a double ended brush. The top of the palette is a large mirror. While I'll likely never use it, I still like when palettes have built in mirrors in case I take them anywhere for travel. 

The palette has the same amount of shadows that it has in the past. I do think that the pigmentation in this palette is a bit more rich than the others in the line. The pigmentation isn't the best I've ever seen, but it definitely holds its own up against other palettes. I definitely think that this palette is similar to the Morphe 35O palette, which is a tad more on the affordable side if you're in the market for a warm toned palette. 

I swatched my palette without any primer or fix+ like products. Some of the shades are fainter, but most are fairly pigmented. I would have loved if the shimmers were more intense however. 

Overall, I really like the new Heat palette. Have you picked up this palette yet? Do you think it holds its own? Let me know in the comment section below!