Harry's Razors - First Impressions & Review

The team at Harry's was kind enough to reach out to me to review their products. I did receive this item at no cost in exchange for my opinions on the product - However, all opinions expressed are my own. There really is no point in reviewing an item if you aren't truthful!

I was super excited to hear from the Harry's team because I had used one of their razors back when I was in school last semester, picking one up from target because their minimalistic design caught my eye. Usually I am the complete opposite of minimalistic, but sometimes when it comes to packaging, less is more. 

Harry's was kind in sending me their Winston shaving set, which comes with three cartridges of razor blades (one comes attached to the handle), one handle, a cover for the razor, and one bottle of foaming shave gel. The set retails at $25, which isn't too steep in my book. 

The presentation of the product in my opinion is so beautiful. I love the simple colors tones and minimalistic design. However, one con that I almost instantly noticed is the product is clearly marketed towards men exclusively. I think that this is a strange problem that the entire industry faces, because both genders needs a good razor! I'm one to constantly buy my razors from the mens section just because I think they get closer and at times, tend to be cheaper. 

Besides that small snafu, the packaging of everything was really pleasing to me. The colors are simple, and I really like that there is a cover included! I travel pretty frequently, so having a cover just for my razor is so nice! 

After I received them in the mail, I was really excited to get to put everything to the test. I can't say that there are any razors that I have fallen totally in love with; everything has been pretty run of the mill and predictable in my book. I had high expectations for Harry's razors; I wanted to have a new favorite product to reach for whenever I ran a bath or a shower. 

First thing; I haven't used a shave gel or cream in what seems like years. It just seems like another thing to spend money on and I usually forgo it when I'm on a shopping trip. However, the scent that the Harry's Foaming Shave Gel has is so dreamy. It has a somewhat masculine smell, but it is so light and pleasant and every time that I reach for it, I seriously love the scent. Another bonus was that after I used it, my skin felt super hydrated and smooth. This gel is a winner to me! 

Moving on to the razor itself, I really enjoyed using it. My one chief complaint is that the mechanism holding the blades onto the handle could use a tad of reinforcement; the cartridge seemed to come off a little too easily. However, combined with the gel, I would say that this razor left me with one of the closest shaves I have had in my life. So, SO amazing. Ladies know the feeling when you get the perfect shave on your legs, and this was that times 10. 

The handle itself is heavy, shiny, and will last me forever. It feels so much better in the hand than the typical plastic razor handle, and it honestly feels special. I love the detail that Harry's has put into their products. 

One really cool thing that Harry's also does is donating 1% of their sales and time to charities and organizations that help people prepare for the professional world. As a college student preparing for my career pretty soon, I really thought that this was really cool of them! Giving back to others and the community is so so SO important to me. 

Overall, I would highly recommend Harry's products to just about anyone that needs a great razor! I love that the company has quality products and also makes sure to give back to those around them. If you'd like to check them out, you can visit their website here

Happy Monday!