Wolfgang Puck Express at Disney Springs Experience and Review

My last trip to Disney was rainy to say the least. It was different from the typical afternoon rain that is common in Florida; it rained from morning until night most days I was there. We made do, but we definitely spent a fair amount of time in rain coats and carrying umbrellas.

The one good thing about all the rain was that it left a fair amount of time open for shopping! It was something that got us out of the camper and walking around while still keeping us somewhat dry. I haven't spent a lot of time in Downtown Disney since they rebranded the area as Disney Springs, so it was nice to get some time to explore and just check out the shops that they put in the area. 

We were pretty hungry when we arrived and really needed a place to grab a bite to eat that wouldn't be too expensive and would also be quick so we could get back to our shopping that we had to do. We ended up by Wolfgang Puck Express anyways, and we decided to give it a go.

Neither my mother nor I had ever been to Wolfgang Puck Express, so it was a new experience for us both. We ordered our meals, and were given cups for drinks to take to the self service drink area, and a marker to place on our table so that the servers could bring our food to our table. This was a nice change from the typical quick service places that Disney has, which pretty much leave you to balance everything your family is going to eat on one single tray while also fighting through the crowds of people. 


We sat at a table that had a nice view out the window and our food was brought out fairly quickly, The staff wasn't really anything to write home about which was a bit strange, because Disney usually has the best service known to man. They weren't unpleasant but they weren't really great either. My mother ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich ($11) and I ordered Crispy Chicken Tenders ($13) in true Emily fashion. Am I really going out to eat if I don't order like a 5 year old?  Probably not. 

While I didn't try out the sandwich (I'm seriously picky) my mother said that the sandwich had fresh, herby flavors that she really enjoyed. She loves any sort of sweet potato fry so it wasn't much of a long short for her to enjoy them too, but having a choice in fry is always nice. 

Sadly, my plate wasn't really anything to write home about. It was a pretty standard plate of food. I was hoping for tenders, but I would more so compare the chicken to extra large chicken nuggets (think ground chicken). The fries were tasty however, but it was a pretty standard meal for me. It also came with a tomato salad, but I'm not really into raw tomatoes so I left that be. 

Overall, I think I'll pass next time I'm in Disney Springs and try out another place. Wolfgang Puck Express was alright, but nothing really special for me. Theres so many places in Disney Springs to eat, so to pick a place thats subpar really isn't a thing for me. 

Have you eaten at Wolfgang Puck Express in Disney Springs? Tried any other places at Disney Springs? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!