Meeting Star Lord and Baby Groot - Disney's Hollywood Studios

I have to admit that I was pretty upset in hearing that Moana would no longer be meeting at One Man's Dream. We all fell head over heels in love with Moana's story, but when I heard that Baby Groot and Star Lord would be making their appearance, I wasn't too sad anymore. I recently really started getting into all the Marvel movies and with the release of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it was only fair that these two got their moment in the parks. 

The day that we visited was hot, humid, and without a single breeze. Being in Florida, this is expected, but with a half hour until our next Fastpass, this was a much welcomed reprieve from the sun beating down on us. One Man's Dream is interesting in its own rite, so we took a stroll through the exhibit, taking some time to learn a little about Walt himself while headed to the queue. 

I expected the line to be on the long side with the recent release of the film, but the signs said that it would just be about a half hour until we could meet and have some photos taken. Fair enough, so we got into line. The queue is decorated with images of space, with the line being guided along arrows drawn on the floor. Like almost all queues, the air conditioning was glorious. It was nice and quiet, and the line moved along quickly. We maybe waited for 15 minutes before we were taken through a doorway to wait our turn to meet the two. 

First things first, Baby Groot is so so cute. He chatters and dances while Star Lord talks to him. I loved this little interaction and it really helped to make the experience more fun. While my mother isn't too familiar with the film (she called it Masters of the Universe which killed me), she even enjoyed getting to meet cute little Groot and Star Lord. The personality of these two totally came through which was amazing. 


I have to admit though, I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to face characters that are playing people who in live action movies. I am totally in love with Chris Pratt, so I was a bit leery of the meet and greet in general because I was worried about the authenticity to the film that the meet and greet would provide. However, I was not disappointed. Both of them were spot on!

Have you met these two in Hollywood Studios yet? Loved the experience, or were a little less pleased? Let me know in the comments below!