It's Finally Here - May Play! by Sephora Bag!

To say that I was excited to finally receive my bag was a massive understatement. If you've read my blog before you know that I am a total sucker for anything that is subscription based, and so when I saw that Sephora had its own service I had to get on that list one way or another. One small problem; to receive this bag, you have to almost always join a waitlist because everyone and their mother want to get their hands on this. For $10 a month, you receive 5 deluxe samples (nothing from the drugstore!) and one fragrance sample, as well as a makeup bag and a coupon for 50 additional points in store.

The box that the bag arrives in is absolutely adorable. Its covered in the signature Sephora black and white stripe, with the bag itself being a clear plastic makeup bag. I really love how cute everything was packaged up, it really made the entire experience feel special, right from the first moment you start unpacking.


The first item that I pulled out of the bag was a mask by Tata Harper. The theme this month was up and coming products, so I am super excited to try this out (and will probably post a separate review soon!) and see if I enjoy the brand. The little jar is glass and heavy, which made it feel expensive. It has a fresh scent which is delicious. I can't really foresee getting more that one use out of the jar, which is a little disappointing, but I am really thankful that I get to try it out soon. The full sized jar is a hefty $58, so I won't complain too much!


The second item that I received was the trรฉStique mini highlighting stick. I was really surprised by this item, because I was a little leery of a cream highlighter. This formula isn't a cream after all though, its a gel which is perfect for all skin types. The highlight on this isn't blinding or super metallic like some would like, but it has more of a natural glow which is perfect for everyday wear. The formula is smooth, creamy and soft, and doesn't feel too heavy on the skin. The full sized item is $34, so getting this in the bag this month was a big treat!


I am super excited to get the Milk Makeup Blur Stick this month! I have seen this product in so many videos and everyone seems to be loving it. This product is great for mattifying and blurring pores, two of one of my major skin concerns. A full size is $36, so I'm excited to try this before buying the full size out.


I also received a small size of the Grande Lips plumper! I've only tried out one plumper before and it is my favorite gloss, and have seen this brand floating around on the Sephora website, so I am really pleased to have received this sample! I imagine that this bottle will last me at least a month wearing it daily, and it is perfect to just toss in my bag and take with me everywhere. The full sized item is $27, so for an item that I probably would've purchased otherwise, I am really excited to have received this.


I. LOVE. HAIR MASKS! There is nothing like deep conditioning your hair, and having super curly hair, my hair tends to get dry really fast, making it super frizzy and unmanageable. Theres nothing better than taking a bubble bath and putting a mask in your hair, and just relax. I can really never have enough masks in my kit, so I am super thrilled to get to try out this product! This mask retails for $58, so this is a real treat.


Every month with Play! by Sephora, you also receive a fragrance sample. This was part of the bag that I was really excited for, because I can be super indecisive when it comes to fragrance. Getting a vial to test out over and over is amazing for me. I received a sample from Clean Reserve, in the scent Sen Santal. It is a light scent, clean and refreshing. I plan on trying it out a few days this week to see if its a possible purchase for me in the future. The full sized bottle is $95, so to try this out this month is really exciting.


One of the amazing things that Sephora does is also offer you bonus points on your account for subscribing! If you make a purchase within the month in store, 50 extra points can be added to your account. 50 points equates out to $50 spent, so I'm not complaining about this extra freebie.

Do you subscribe to the Play! by Sephora box? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments below!