Tarte's Newest Collection - Unicorn Magic!

It seems that one of the current trends in makeup is whimsy and nostalgia. While some have argued that this is almost infantilizing to women, I am one of those people who has absolutely fallen in love with all the trends that have come out in the recent months. Tarte has really really stepped up the game with this trend, putting out a whole line of unicorn inspired products, from brushes, to a brand new palette. While some brands may think that they invented the concept (*cough* Too Faced *cough*), I am really excited that everyone has put out such fun lines recently. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Make Believe in Yourself palette, which comes complete with tons of shimmer shadows and a massive pan of iridescent highlighter. I picked mine up at Ulta, but it seemed like these palettes were going pretty fast. After all, this palette is really perfect for the summer and is a welcome departure from the normal toned palette. IMG_0021

First off, the box that this comes in is gorgeous. The pattern on the packaging is so colorful and bright, and the metallic accents are to die for.  This palette is a little on the small side, with the palette itself being circular.


The actual palette is gorgeous. I love the golden tones, combined with the same pattern from the carton on top of the palette. This baby feels expensive and heavy, and I am so in love.


The shadows are absolutely gorgeous in the pan, even before you use them. My only complaint is this palette really isn't a stand alone palette, as it only comes with one matte. Even so, its not really a complaint because I purchased this palette for the killer shimmer shadows, not mattes. I'm thrilled that these shades are unique, because I am so tired of getting palettes that have the super generic colors that all other palettes have.



I swatched each color in the palette without a primer, or being foiled. These shadows are seriously intense, shimmery and absolutely perfect. The shadows blend to perfection, are super creamy, and not powdery or chalky or at all. They feel expensive, and like your typical tarte shadow. This palette also smells absolutely amazing, like most tarte products do.

I absolutely love my palette, and would totally suggest that other people who want some whimsy pick one up too.

Do you have this palette? Have it on your list? Let me know in the comments below!