Urban Decay Moondust Palette - Worth it?

Urban Decay has my whole heart, whole wallet, the whole deal. I have really followed this brand since my makeup love began, my first real palette was a Naked palette that my mother got me for Christmas way back, and I've been hooked since then. Pretty much any time that they released something new I wanted to get my hands on it, try it out, and pretty much every time I have fallen in love. There have been some misses along the way, but when you purchase cosmetics you are bound to find things you don't really prefer. When I saw that they were releasing this super glittery palette, I NEEDED to see it in person and swatch some, possibly purchase it if I liked it. So, I had the hardest time getting my hands onto this palette. I searched and searched but NO WHERE had this available, or even a tester out for me to look at. I drove all over the place, no luck. I eventually gave up and blindly purchased it on Sephora's website, and really had to hope for the best. I hate purchasing cosmetics online, because I really like to see the texture and colors in person before purchasing. I took the plunge, bought it, and waited a couple days for my package to arrive, along with some other things I picked up.


First things, the carton that this palette comes in is gorgeous. I love the holo effect on the text, and the little galaxies all over the box are so pretty. I'm kind of a fiend when it comes to packaging, so I really appreciated the box being really beautiful.


The outside of the palette is glittery and has mirrored text, also love this. It's super pretty and the glitter doesn't flake off. That was a huge concern for me, because who wants glitter all over their makeup area? Literally no one.


The inside of the palette started to get a bit dicey for me. The packaging on the inside looks and feels like really cheap plastic. Sorry Urban Decay, but for the price point, it shouldn't feel like its about to fall apart. The inside of this palette fell super flat for me, it doesn't feel special or luxe or anything like that. At best, this felt like a drugstore palette. Huge disappointment there. It does have a large mirror, so I can't complain too heavily.


This is where my real disappointment started to set in a little more. In the palettes, the shadows look like pure glitter pigments that would be super shimmery on the eye. When I swatched them, I expected them to be really beautiful and eye catching, and they ended up chalky and not really glittery. The glitter is in the pigment, but it needs at least 10x more to be worth it for me. I was really, really disappointed.

Do you have this palette? Better luck? Let me know in the comments below!