Anastasia's Newest Glow Kit Is Here - Highlight Fiends Rejoice

image3.JPG FINALLY! Anastasia released yet another Glow Kit (cue swoon) available now in Sephora stores and online. While I'm not a huge fan of Nicole (no tea, no shade, just haven't really viewed her content much) this palette looked near perfection online before the release. But is it really as incredible as the internet has been saying? I had to try it out.

I've never had any Anastasia Glow Kits before, and I think that this was the perfect opportunity to get my first one. I still have my eye on the moon child palette, but when this was waiting for me at Sephora today, I was honestly blown away by how gorgeous Anastasia made the packaging on this baby. The whole palette itself is covered in a shimmery micro glitter, with the text with a holographic foil. Retailing at $40, this looks and feels like that price is justified.


First thing, the pans on this palette and gigantic. While all these shades obviously can't be worn on my cheekbones as a highlight because I'm so fair, they will be amazing shadows for me to play around with. Anastasia's amazing formula is so obvious here; each highlighter is creamy and super pigmented, giving the skin a serious glow. If you're a "glow from within" kind of person, these might be a little on the bold side for you, as the finish is really blinding and bright. For people like me, this palette is an absolute dream, because I love the super bright and heightened look a strong highlight can give. But, to each his own. If you're looking for other highlight options, feel free to drop over to my drugstore highlighter piece to see some more affordable options I've tried.


All of these swatches are with one pass, and the pigment is unreal. Anastasia included a highlight that can compliment nearly any skin tone, which is absolutely amazing. I'm looking most forward to mixing Forever Lit with Kitty Cat for my cheekbone highlight. If your skin tone leans more towards a mocha complexion, she's got you covered with golden and bronze highlights that are totally going to make your cheekbones stand out from a mile away.

Did you pick up this palette? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always,