Should You Try Ipsy? My February Glam Bag Unboxed!

img_4342 I really really really love subscription services. Combine that with makeup, and I'm in. The cost is only $10? I'm totally sold, and probably already signed up. I've tried out Birch Box, but I have been in love with my ipsy subscription for as long as I've had it, probably for about two years or so now. Here's what I got when I opened up this months bag!


I pretty much love anything that NYX makes at this point. I was pretty excited to see Butter Lipstick (retail $5.99) in my bag. I'm always up for cute new lip colors, and really I don't think I'll ever have enough shades of red. The consistency is super smooth and buttery (hence butter lip) and felt hydrating on the lip. This is totally a breath of fresh air because I feel like I live in matte shades at this point, which pretty much suck any and all life out of your lips for days after wearing one. This was a nice change of pace!


I've never tried out a solid brush cleanser, I'm pretty much on a set schedule of deep cleaning my brushes once a week. I haven't got a chance to try this out yet (review coming soon!) but it smells so yummy and the consistency is like a lip balm. If you can't stand the smell of coconut this may not work for you, because the scent is kinda heavy. The full size of this product retails at $20, so I'm excited to try this out this month.


I hadn't heard of bellápierre cosmetics before I got my glam bag. I was really excited to see a full size product in my bag though! This mascara retails at $20 (double what I paid for the entire glam bag!) and has a plastic applicator. I'm really excited to try out this waterproof mascara, because seriously, you can never have enough mascaras in your kit.


If you've stood within five feet of me for longer than a minute, you probably know that I am wholeheartedly obsessed with brushes, cleaning my brushes, collecting brushes, and really anything related to brushes. Ipsy has been pretty great with growing my collection, and sending me brushes from a ton of different brands. I am in LOVE with pink, and so getting a pink brush was super fun for me. However, the bristles on this brush could be a little more dense. It retails for $18, so it's a treat for me, and looks super pretty sitting on my desk with all my other brushes.


Like the rest of the world, I am really obsessed with any sort of masks. Sheet masks are a personal favorite because they're easiest for me. I've tried the peel off masks (cue tears from me) , mud masks, bubble masks, but sheet masks are really the easiest option for me. Charcoal is really trending right now, and so seeing charcoal in my bag wasn't the biggest surprise. These masks retail for $2.50 each at Walmart.

My estimated value of all the products in my bag this month was about $52, while I only pay $10 with shipping monthly. It has its moments, but I would totally recommend trying ipsy out. It has way more value than Birch Box, always comes with a cute makeup bag, and shipping is always free.

Have you ever tried ipsy? Love it? Hate it? Leave your comments below!

Happy Monday!