Is BirchBox Worth a Try?

img_3127 I am the first one to admit that I am totally addicted to subscription services and surprises in the mail. I saw ads over and over for birch box and really wanted to try it out, because the samples that they were offering seemed a little more high end than what I was currently getting in my monthly ipsy bag. The more makeup, the merrier. Here's what happened.

I subscribed and was instantly offered an extra mascara sample in my first box. Freebies right off the bat? Nice. This felt like a really great little gift for subscribing to the service. I had about a week before my first box was set to arrive, so I was pretty excited.

I was at work when I checked the tracking number for my box, and it was stated that it arrived. Score! I had class, and then I could finally get home to try out my new products and see what I got in my box. Where I go to school, when you get mail, you get an email letting you know that it's ready for you to pick up. It was getting late, and there was no email. I was starting to get a little confused.

I checked my tracking number again and they had sent the box to my billing address, not the shipping address that I specified. The billing address was over an hour away, so it wasn't looking like I was going to get to tear into my new makeup that night. That left me disappointed, so I contacted customer service to make sure that the next box would be sent to the correct address, even though when I checked online on my account my shipping address was correct. They apologized, and agreed to send me another box at no extra charge.

It took about a week before the replacement box arrived. I was especially excited to get to try out Benefit's Rollerlash mascara that I had picked out as my extra goodie, because I had had it in the past, and it had been awhile since I had gotten to use it. I opened up the box and was pretty much instantly disappointed. The sizes on the products were tiny, some were single use packets that brands would give you for free. The extra mascara that I was excited about wasn't there. I was seriously bummed.

I decided to give it one more month as a fair shake for this service. I got my tracking number, and was pretty excited to get my box. I checked the tracking number the day it was set to be delivered, and guess what? It was delivered to my billing address again. Cue some serious annoyance. I messaged customer service again, and they graciously sent me another box. However, this box didn't ship for a week, didn't arrive until two weeks later, when I was then home for Christmas break. So, if I really wanted this box, I was going to have to drive an hour in the snow to get this likely to be disappointing box. I decided to just leave it there until I returned back from my break.

This box was equally as disappointing. Honestly, it's kinda insulting to be sent single use foil packets, when Sephora and Ulta hand them out to their customers like it's nothing. They advertise products that aren't single use, so I honestly felt super mislead, and the shipping run around left me with a sour taste in my mouth.

Will I ever resubscribe to BirchBox? Nope. The products, and service, were both seriously poor compared to ipsy's stellar customer service and fun products that costs the same price.

Have you tried out BirchBox? Did you like it? Comment below!