Wet n Wild Liquid Catsuit Lipstick Review


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I have seen these liquid lips ALL over instagram and youtube in the last month or so. I'm personally a sucker for a liquid lip, and having not really found a favorite drugstore lip, I was pretty quick to jump on the bandwagon with these.

They're available pretty much everywhere (Target, Walmart, CVS, etc) but can be a little tricky to find in stock. You can order them on Amazon to save a trip to the store (or several stores) and have them shipped right to you. I had to drive all over the place just to get a good selection to swatch out, so I kinda wish I would've made it easy on myself and just had them sent to me. I totally did get my steps that day trying to find them though.

First off, these lipsticks are nice and smooth. They don't have a very strong smell, but do take quite a while to dry to a nice matte finish. I'm on the impatient side, so this was a bit problematic for me. I'm used to around a minute in drying time, and these took about three. However, the pigment in these is unreal for a drugstore product. The bright pink and coral shades had some serious pigment, but the darker the shades got, they tended to apply a bit streaky, which is sorta typical for darker lip shades I've found. They just need a little extra love and a second coat for the maximum payout.


My only big complaint about these is that they REFUSE to come off. I swatched them all on my forearm, and they are still stuck on the day after. I got the vast majority off with makeup remover, but I've tried soap and water, exfoliating scrub, and micellar water and they STILL are stuck on. I guess its a good thing that they have lasting power, but I want my makeup to come off when its time to come off. I didn't have much of an issue getting the product off my lips, but if you overdraw your lips, this could be a bit of a problem for you.

Overall, I really am in love with these lips, and for the price, you really can't beat this product.

Have you tried out these lips? Let me know in the comments!