E.L.F. Aqua Beauty Molten Liquid Eyeshadow First Impressions and Review

esgsa.jpg "Wash this hydrating liquid eyeshadow over lids for a vibrant, metallic look (and an irresistible cooling effect). The formula is infused with Purified Water and Vitamin E to help hydrate." (elfcosmetics.com)

I'm a pretty big fan of makeup thats affordable and that I can easy haul without spending my entire life savings on it. Its really satisfying to come home with a bag of new products to swatch and test out. I've pretty much always loved e.l.f. products, not because I find them to be super incredible, but because they are stupid affordable and I can play around with them without feeling too paranoid about not screwing up the products themselves. I was pretty pumped to see that target had some of the new Aqua Beauty line from e.l.f..

Not going to lie, for e.l.f., this line is more on the pricey side than I would personally liked. I picked up three of the Molten Liquid Eyeshadows in the colors Liquid Gold, Brushed Copper, and Rose Gold. Each shadow was $4, with other products in the line costing upwards to $20 each. I picked up some other products that I'll review soon, but these were something I was super excited to pick up, regardless of the price.

First things first, these shadows are packaged in super pretty shimmery blue boxes. The tubes themselves feel on the cheap side, but thats not a huge deal when it comes to a drugstore product. I swatched them each with and without primer.

without primer.jpg

Without the primer, these are super shimmery and pretty on the skin. The pigmentation isn't insane or anything really special, but the shimmer that these give off make them well worth the money. They glide on pretty easily, and blend out nicely while still wet. I think that these would best be worn over other shadows instead of alone if you're going for drama, but if you are going for a day wear kind of look, these would be perfect for work as they give off a nice shimmer without looking too in your face.

with primer.jpg

I used the SHANY eye primer to prime, which is super affordable on Amazon. I can't say that the primer helped the product look more intense or pigmented, but when worn on the eyes, it would help it to stay put and not fade out as quickly. I'm a big fan of this primer, since it is really affordable and glides on beautifully.

Overall, I'm really excited to incorporate these shadows into my daily beauty routine and see how they can enhance my routine further. I would totally suggest picking these up, as I'm sure they will help anyone elevate their makeup game a little for next to nothing.

Have a great holiday and week!